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0 waste | 50 local | 100 natural

"Our mission with Tasting Counter is to not only create a dining experience that excites our guests, but that resonates on an emotional level as well. We're constantly exploring what's best for the environment, our bodies, and our local food culture, so it was imperative that our restaurant reflect these values. '0 | 50 | 100' evolved from a need to convey this guiding ethos to our staff and guests. It symbolizes how we operate our business, source ingredients, and think about food every single day."

– Peter & Ginhee Ungár

100 NATURAL focuses on our commitment to serving only 100% natural foods and beverages… which especially relates to our wines. Our wine list is comprised solely of all-natural wines, since they best complement our all-natural cuisine.

WHY NATURAL WINE? The topic of natural wine can be controversial, with even the definition of “natural” disputed. Such discrepancy is partly due to a lack of oversight by the USDA. As these guidelines continue to evolve, we have asserted our own definition, with all wines offered at Tasting Counter meeting these criteria:

  • Wines produced from organic or biodynamic grapes, sustainably harvested by hand.
  • Wines of small quantity by an independent producer from low-yielding vineyards.
  • Wild yeast fermentation, with no added yeast, sugar, or adjustments for acidity.
  • No additives, except for a trace amount of sulfites, only if necessary at bottling.

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