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Tasting Counter

0 waste | 50 local | 100 natural

"Our mission with Tasting Counter is to not only create a dining experience that excites our guests, but that resonates on an emotional level as well. We're constantly exploring what's best for the environment, our bodies, and our local food culture, so it was imperative that our restaurant reflect these values. '0 | 50 | 100' evolved from a need to convey this guiding ethos to our staff and guests. It symbolizes how we operate our business, source ingredients, and think about food every single day."

– Peter & Ginhee Ungár

50 LOCAL refers to our commitment of ensuring that at least 50% of our menu is comprised of ingredients grown and harvested within Massachusetts. We source ingredients from our immediate community, working exclusively with purveyors who provide organic, sustainable, and natural products. The grow wall featured in our dining room further exemplifies our “50 local” philosophy, allowing us to grow herbs and produce during the winter months, maintaining our locally-harvested mission.

  • Community Outreach - Tasting Counter subsidizes vegetable container gardens which are constructed for local residents as mini urban farms. In return for maintaining the vegetable gardens, families keep 50% of produce for themselves, electing to use it either for their own personal consumption or sell it as an additional revenue stream. In return for subsidizing these vegetable gardens, Tasting Counter receives the other 50% of produce, thereby obtaining ultra-­local organic products.

    The goal of this charitable endeavor is to help provide just-harvested fresh produce for families within our community, spread interest in do-it-yourself urban farming throughout our neighborhood, foster “green movement” ideals beyond the restaurant, and to truly source 50% of ingredients from within Massachusetts, maintaining our “50 local” ethos.

  • Business Relations - Tasting Counter’s loyalty to locavore sourcing is not limited to foodstuffs, but also extends to all business relations we have within the restaurant industry, striving to support local businesses at every possible point. Tasting Counter is also part of the Aeronaut Foods Hub, using products from each local business at the restaurant.