Tasting Counter


Tasting Counter, in collaboration with Tyler Akabane of Mushrooms For My Friends is proud to host this very special event!

Sourcing local ingredients year-round may seem daunting when faced with our long New England winters. We are excited to share with you how to source and create incredible dishes utilizing local ingredients that have been both foraged and preserved, allowing you to rethink how to eat during the winter months.

New England winter weather can be quite unpredictable. Since the elements will not be conducive for an outdoor excursion, we will instead host a hands-on workshop at Tasting Counter on foraged food preservation. Guests will sample and help prepare various preserves using foraged ingredients, followed by a 9-course tasting menu highlighting those ingredients.

Tickets are all-inclusive of the workshop, tasting menu featuring foraged ingredients, as well as all beverage pairings, service and tax:

  • 4-6 pm → workshop on preserving foraged ingredients
  • 6-8 pm → 9-course tasting menu dinner
  • Tickets → $350 per person

Reserve your seat online and leave your wallet at home. This is a unique opportunity to experience New England's wild bounty and how the culmination of these ingredients creates a unique culinary experience. We look forward to cooking for you!


  • Spring Foraging Tour & Dinner – Sunday, April 26, 2020 – tickets available February 1

  • Spring Foraging Tour & Dinner

    PLEASE NOTE: There are inherent risks with collecting and consuming ingredients in the wild. While there will be an experienced professional forager on site to guide you through the tour, Tasting Counter and Mushrooms For My Friends waive all liability from anyone consuming wild ingredients on their own without prior verification and approval by Tyler Akabane of Mushrooms For My Friends. By purchasing a ticket, you agree to these conditions and release liability from Tasting Counter and Mushrooms For My Friends. Please contact us with any questions.