Tasting Counter

GINHEE UNGÁR grew up in Hamden, Connecticut, a suburb outside New Haven, the child of immigrants from Seoul, Korea. Her parents maintained and passed on their connection to Korean culture, food, and traditions to Ginhee which would later serve as a culinary inspiration and influence. At 18, she moved to Boston to attend Boston University where she majored in Sociology and minored in Women’s Studies. It was there that she met Peter and began to learn about the restaurant business from this aspiring chef. Following graduation, Ginhee embarked on an 18-year career in the public health sector, serving as chief of staff of a violence and injury prevention program at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

During those years, Ginhee and Peter married, and while Peter ascended the ranks of restaurant kitchens, Ginhee found herself falling in love with food, cooking, and the hospitality industry. Together, the couple founded The Dining Alternative, a private dining service, which they operated for more than 10 years, during which time Peter relocating to Paris for a year so that he could work in two Michelin-starred restaurants, while Ginhee remained at home with their two young sons.

In 2015, Peter and Ginhee’s shared dream of operating a restaurant of their own culminated with the opening of Tasting Counter in Somerville, MA. Together, they oversee the day-to-day operations of their critically acclaimed restaurant and collaborate on all facets of the business, with Ginhee serving as General Manager.

Ginhee lives with her husband, Peter, and their three children in Somerville, MA.