Tasting Counter

Natural Wine Bar

5 NIGHTS A WEEK... open early on Tuesdays!

  • TUESDAY (5:00pm-12:30am)
  • WEDNESDAY (10:30pm-12:30am)
  • THURSDAY (10:30pm-12:30am)
  • FRIDAY (10:30pm-12:30am)
  • SATURDAY (10:30pm-12:30am)

Join us as Tasting Counter transforms our tasting menu service into a natural wine bar! All the unique natural wines paired on our tasting menu are available by the glass or bottle, starting at $8 a glass. Small bites are also designed to complement our wines, starting at $5.

If you already love natural wine, we'll have some nice surprises for you. If you're new to natural wine, we'd love to introduce you. No reservation is needed... simply drop in and enjoy the comforts of our restaurant! Here are some great natural wines we're currently pouring:


  • Oyster River Winegrowers, Hoboken Station Cider, Warren, Maine, still & on tap!
  • Cidrerie du Vulcain, Premier Emois, Fribourg, Switzerland, 2014 Raisin/Fer/Ooslop


  • Il Farnetto, Spergle, Emilia-Romagna, ITA, 2015, Spergola
  • Hardesty, Blanc du Nord, Sonoma, CA, 2015, Sauv Bl/Semillon/Viognier
  • Plageoles, Ondenc Sec, Ribeira Sacra, ESP, 2011, Ondenc


  • Al di Lá Del Fiume, Fricandó, Emilia, ITA, 2015, Albana


  • Calabretta, Rosado, Sicily, Italy, 2015, Nerello Cappuccio


  • Paraschos, Merlot, Venezia-Giulia, Italy, 2010, Merlot
  • Laurent Cazottes, Marcotte, Gaillac, France, 2015, Braucol/Duras
  • Alfredo Maestro, Vina Almate, Castilla-La Mancha, Spain 2016, Tempranillo