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dining as theater...

Our tasting menu offers you a unique dining experience, showcasing dishes created from seasonal ingredients paired with all-natural beverages. We are dedicated to sourcing the very best quality ingredients from surrounding farms, local purveyors... and around the world.

Your dining experience begins here, on this website, via our ticketing system. Your seat is reserved with our all-inclusive ticket, allowing you to simply bring your appetite and leave your wallet at home.


Once you have purchased your ticket, you will have an opportunity to create an online profile that will help us get to know you and your palate. Similar to Omakase style (from the Japanese phrase meaning "I'll leave it to you" [in Japanese, makaseru means "to entrust"]), we recommend entrusting us to create an innovative dining experience for you.

We accommodate most dietary restrictions and allergies, as requested. Just select your beverage pairing and leave the rest to us.