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Give the gift of a multi-sensory dining experience! Gift cards do not expire and are fully transferable!


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3. All gift cards are sent digitally to your email address. Therefore, you may:
    • Simply forward that email to your gift card recipient. The email will include directions on how the recipient should redeem.
    • Reply to that email to request a physical gift card. Physical gift cards may be mailed to you or the gift recipient, so be sure to provide the correct shipping address in your email response. You will receive an email confirmation once the card has shipped.

Terms of use:
• Gift card recipients may redeem gift cards for tickets on any available date, at which time they may note dietary restrictions or allergies.
• Gift cards are redeemable for the number of guest(s) for which the gift card was purchased only during the same seating.
• If you would like to offer gift cards for more than one seating, please purchase gift cards separately for each seating desired.
• Gift cards are only available here on our website and are not available to purchase in person at Tasting Counter.
• We offer gift cards for 1-4 guests per seating.
• Gift cards do not have an expiration date.
• Ticket prices are subject to change.
• Please contact us with any questions.

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