Tasting Counter

0 carbon | 50 local | 100 natural

"Our mission with Tasting Counter is to not only create a dining experience that excites our guests, but that resonates on an emotional level as well. We're constantly exploring what's best for the environment, our bodies, and our local food culture, so it was imperative that our restaurant reflect these values. '0 | 50 | 100' evolved from a need to convey this guiding ethos to our staff and guests. It symbolizes how we operate our business, source ingredients, and think about food every single day."

– Peter & Ginhee Ungár

0 CARBON highlights our mission of continually working toward a zero­-carbon footprint at every possible opportunity. By using recycled materials in the construction of the restaurant, avoiding fossil fuels by using only electric cooking appliances, and composting the restaurant’s food scraps to create nutrient-rich soil to grow our vegetables and herbs, Tasting Counter has been awarded a Sustainable Business Leader certification from the Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts. A few other examples of our commitment toward a zero-carbon footprint include:

  • Zero Paper & Plastic Waste – from the glass carafes we use to serve filtered still and carbonated water to our streamlined paperless ticketing system...
  • Minimize Water Usage – from our touch-free hand sinks to our tankless water heaters that provide instant hot water only as we need it, and from our super energy-efficient dish machine that recycles 95% of its water with each cycle to our restroom’s low-flow flush option...
  • Reuse & Recycle – whether it’s recycling used cooking oil to generate electricity and offset carbon points or using paperstone (made from recycled paper) for our dining counter, we’re always looking for ways to repurpose what we already have.