Tasting Counter

0 CARBON reflects our efforts to strive towards a zero­ carbon footprint at every possible opportunity, such as using recycled materials in the construction of the restaurant, avoiding fossil fuels, sourcing ingredients from our immediate community, and composting or repurposing everything used in daily operations.

  • All cooking appliances are 100% electric, using no fossil fuels.
  • Recycle all organic waste by composting to create nutrient ­rich soil to grow their own vegetables and herbs.
  • No bottled water available, rather filtered and purified tap water (either still or carbonated in­house), served in attractive, re­usable glass bottles.
  • Kitchen hand sinks are “touch free” to minimize water usage.
  • Guest bathroom toilet has low-flow option.
  • Tankless water heaters provide instant hot water to the kitchen and bathrooms, reducing water waste.
  • “Leave Your Wallet At Home” payments: paperless credit card processing.
  • Recycle all used cooking oil in order to generate electricity and earn carbon­ offset points.
  • Employ municipal resources to recycle all plastic, glass, paper, and metal (striving to reach 0% trash), documenting all weekly waste output to highlight and track efforts.
  • Using paperstone (recycled paper countertops) for our dining counter, which uses a non-petroleum based resin.