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100 NATURAL focuses on our commitment to serving only 100% natural foods and beverages… which especially relates to our wines. Our wine list is comprised solely of all-natural wines, since they best complement our all-natural cuisine.

WHY NATURAL WINE? The topic of natural wine can be controversial, with even the definition of “natural” disputed. Such discrepancy is partly due to a lack of oversight by the USDA. As these guidelines continue to evolve, we have asserted our own definition, with all wines offered at Tasting Counter meeting these criteria:

  • Wines produced from organic or biodynamic grapes, sustainably harvested by hand.
  • Wines of small quantity by an independent producer from low-yielding vineyards.
  • Wild yeast fermentation, with no added yeast, sugar, or adjustments for acidity.
  • No additives, except for a trace amount of sulfites, only if necessary at bottling.