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Parking Information

  Parking is very difficult in our area – please plan accordingly

There are fewer parking spaces available than cars, so please plan ahead in order to arrive on time. Please note all parking signs. City of Somerville permit-only parking begins at 8:00PM on Tyler Street and Properzi Way. Metered parking is available along Somerville Avenue, just a couple minutes' walk away, which is enforced only until 8:00PM. However please check parking signs at meters, since some become permit-only after 8:00PM.

If none of the previous options are suitable, limited parking is available in a private lot just a few minutes' walk from the restaurant. The lot is first-come-first-serve since it is shared by multiple businesses, so availability is not guaranteed. Although the lot states "Authorized Parking Only," we have permission from our landlord to use this lot for our guests. Please note that you WILL get a ticket if parked incorrectly and you WILL be towed if parked in the church parking area.

Please contact us or call (617) 299-6362 with any questions.

  19 Tyler Street → click here for directions

Parking 19 Tyler Street
Parking 19 Tyler Street