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Fermented Rice Hot Sauce

Vegan | Gluten-Free | Dairy-Free | Nut-Free | Soy-Free

This unique twist on our favorite condiment, creates beautifully balanced flavors of mild spice and creamy savoriness. We focus on highlighting the incredible fruity flavors of locally grown organic peppers.

Fermented Rice Hot Sauce is a creamy version of TC Original Hot Sauce, made using locally sourced organic peppers from Kitchen Garden Farm and Wild Acres Farm in western Massachusetts, as well as peppers from our own garden at the restaurant. The peppers are lacto-fermented for several weeks with koji rice to mellow the spice level, which also adds an incredible depth of flavor. This rich creamy savoriness, with a smoky kick, goes well with grill marinades, seafood, vinaigrettes, or simply great on its own as you would use any favorite hot sauce.

Keep Refrigerated.

Recipe Ideas...
- Sauté with allium & aromatics at the beginning of a dish for warm, buildable flavor
- Incorporate into marinades and sauces for heat
- Dashing on top of dishes, soups, and stews

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5oz / bottle
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