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Blueberry, Rhubarb & Currant Preserve

Using fresh berries and rhubarb exclusively from Wild Acres Farm located in western Massachusetts, we utilize the "cold stir" method, which allows the delicate flavors of these fruits to be best preserved. The only heating occurs when the jars are sealed during the canning process. The naturally tart ingredients combined with a minimal amount of organic sugar creates a balanced sweet/sour flavor reminiscent of traditional European preserves. At Tasting Counter, we use the preserves as a sauce for desserts or a cheesecake filling but it’s also incredible spread on toast and biscuits (or eaten directly out of the jar with a spoon).

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9 oz/ jar
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Tasting Counter Pantry Products

Several items we prepare in our kitchen for the tasting menus are available for sale. It’s a great introduction to the styles of food we create, as well as a unique souvenir of your dining experience at Tasting Counter. Each product is all-natural and utilizes local Massachusetts ingredients anytime possible.

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