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Hot Sauce Sampler

Hot sauce might just be our favorite condiment- so much so that we have created a trifecta of hot sauces that, along with a beautifully balanced heat, range in flavors from creamy to citrusy to purely spice - TC Original Hot Sauce, Fermented Rice Hot Sauce, and Yuzo & Jalapeno Hot Sauce.

Our TC Original Hot Sauce is made using fresno peppers from local farms and the urban garden around the corner from us. The lacto-fermentation process yields an addictive tangy, savory flavor and loads of healthy probiotics.

The Fermented Rice Hot Sauce has a rich, creamy flavor with a smokey kick. Blending fermented rice with hot sauce helps temper the spice level- just a bit- while creating a depth of savory flavors.

Inspired by the classic Japanese condiment yuzu kosho, our Yuzo & Jalapeno Hot Sauce version of this Japanese flavor bomb is made by fermenting fresh yuzu and peppers together. The result features the classic yuzu kosho trifecta of citrus, heat, and salt but this version is less spicy and more viscous so it may be used like any classic hot sauce when you are looking to add a delicious pop of flavor to a dish.

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