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Preserved Lemon & Honey Gift Box

When guests ask how we pack such intense flavor into our dishes at Tasting Counter, Preserved Lemon is often the answer. This pantry staple arose in the deserts of Morocco, where it has long been used to create the signature flavors of tagine. A teaspoon of the pulp folded into pasta sauce, soup, or vinaigrette will add a permeating citrus note with an extra layer of umami from the fermentation process. We’ve included the peel which can be finely chopped and mixed with fresh parsley to garnish chicken or seafood for a meal you won’t soon forget. We've paired this with our signature honey which is collected from our partner farm, Wild Acres, in Western Massachusetts. Much of the pollen is collected from blueberry flowers contributing to a clean, sweet, slightly floral honey.

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9 oz/ jar