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Tasting Counter

Since Peter & Ginhee Ungàr opened Tasting Counter in 2015, they have dedicated themselves to creating award-winning 9-course tasting menus while reimagining the restaurant experience. Tickets are purchased in advance and each meal is akin to a performance, intended to be a multi-sensory experience. In a minimalist and modern space that is both a kitchen and dining room, guests take their seats at a U-shaped counter framing the kitchen and watch as food for guests is cooked, beautifully plated, and served immediately, course by course.

Peter’s culinary training is rooted in classic French cuisine but when he and Ginhee opened their first restaurant, they set out to create something refreshingly all their own, striving to create a dining experience for their guests that would be unique and memorable. Tasting Counter is decidedly modern, fluidly moving between old world and new world; classicism and innovation; formal and casual, all while quietly striving to create revelatory culinary experiences that rival the best in cities around the globe.

Peter & Ginhee’s mantra “0 carbon | 50 local | 100 natural” highlights their dedication toward a zero-carbon footprint as well as their commitment to sourcing a minimum of 50% of the restaurant’s products from within Massachusetts and offering only all-natural foods, wines, beers, and sakes.