Tasting Counter

TASTING COUNTER offers a multi-sensory dining experience. Our mission is to establish the shortest distance between the production of food and you, our guest, by bringing you closer to the creation of your meal. When you arrive, you are seated at a counter facing an open kitchen, in full view of the chefs preparing your dishes.

We exclusively offer a multi-course tasting menu, a seasonally evolving “taste encounter.” In place of reservations, you purchase tickets (via this website), which includes everything: the tasting menu, beverage pairings, service, and tax.

Tickets completely remove the financial component from the dining experience. Additionally, your guest profile allows your dining experience to begin as you enter our restaurant. Leave your wallet at home and simply walk out the door when your meal is complete... just like going to a concert, theater, or sporting event.

We are open for lunch and dinner on Wednesday through Saturday. Purchasing tickets in advance is required via our ticketing system.