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Join us in raising a glass to the inspirational woman representing exciting new frontiers in wine with our Women in Wine Dinner, featuring ten female produced natural wines.

This one-night-only wine dinner will be on Sunday, October 18th and will feature our 9-course tasting menu paired exclusively with female produced wines from renowned winemakers such as France Crispeels of Vignoble Réveille in Cassagnes, France and Faith Armstrong-Foster of Onward Wines in Mendocino County, California as well as young upstarts such as Lisa Hinton of Old Westminster Winery in Westminster, Maryland and Baia and Gvanca Abuladze of Baia's Wines in Bagdati, Georgia.

We will explore wines from women with long winemaking lineages who are following in the footsteps of generations past and women who carved their own paths out of sheer will and determination. All of these winemakers are represent a new yet old style of winemaking - a style that emphasizes fostering relationships with the land and relays the story of the vineyard sites, vines, and vintage with as little intervention as possible. 

Purchase all-inclusive tickets here. Please contact us with any questions.